Dj Koaluna is Audrey from Montreal, Canada. She began to take a serious interest in the psychedelic trance community around 2010.

As the curtain draws back, bringing us to a place of solace and peace we allow ourselves to dive deeply into our trip of tribal discovery. Audrey delivers music to the listeners in a form of sacred inner connection instant through the dance of mind & body.
K-O A Luna is a creation that connects several designs that defines his artistic influences. The project is an intermediate base between the powerful sounds of music and the spirit of traveler. The goal is to create a journey of total disconnection with the conscious reality to make space to live moments of other conscious lives. Her style is rather Darkpsy, Forest Trance, Hitech, Organic, Ritualistic & Folk. Her dream sensor is rich in color. Everything revolves around Psychedelism ( * )
During the last years, Koaluna was very active in underground events and festivals in Canada. Also, she give here implication in the local scene in Morocco & Mexico.
Considering the energy and environment of her shows, she accord herself to provide a unique and fluid journey.