Vinay aka Napsyndrome is a young passionate artist painter from New-Delhi. He got introduced to psytrance in Goa 2006... and then, in 2009 got introduced to Hitech and got so inspired that till date hasn't thought of changing his style.
Already played in a couple of parties in Parvati in 2009, 2010. His influences are Kashyyyk, Furious, Kindzadza, Cosmo, Highko, Angryluna, Mimic Vat, Akes, Will o Wisp, Arcek, Shouton, Automata theory... Noisepoison Records, Kamino Records, OVNI Records, Nutriadance Records, Freaks Records.

Has recently started playing in Delhi.. after three years.. set's are powerpacked with tunes from the artist mentioned above... can always surprise you with his wicked sample's and breaks.

Now being signed as a label dj with OVNI RECORDS... you know what to expect from him.... aim in his word's would be LET'S FLIP EM BRO !!!